Pre-orders are essentials that are not in stock but can be ordered and shipped within the timeframe specified on the product page.

The terms of our pre-order policy includes the following:

  • Pre-order essentials are shipped within the timeframe specified on the product page. We are unable to expedite shipping ahead of the dates outlined.
  • In the event that our inventory arrives earlier than anticipated, we will ship your order after the essential is processed.
  • Shipment dates are subject to change if necessary, and we will communicate any changes to you via email using the email address provided in the order. You are welcome to contact us for order updates via email at  
  • If your order contains other in-stock items, it is possible for your order to be shipped in parts, but not guaranteed. The time lapse between your order date and the pre-order shipment date will be considered if multiple shipments are needed. 
  • Payments for pre-orders are processed the same as all Averi & Blake orders. Items cannot be held without payment, and availability is not guaranteed unless you have received an order confirmation.
  • Orders with in-store pickup as the delivery method will adhere to the same guidelines outlined above. Your order will be ready for pickup within the same shipment timeframe.
  • Orders containing pre-orders cannot be changed or canceled. This is also agreed upon within the Terms & Conditions checkbox selected at the time your order was placed.

Please add as an email contact to ensure that you receive all updates regarding your order.