Our Mission

To provide quality, versatile, contemporary clothing options to stylish women, encouraging them fall in love with fashion again.

Shopping became boring. We’re here to liven things up.

Life is different for each woman, and we often wear multiple hats – business owner, executive, mom, event planner, sister, avid traveler, socialite, to name a few. Each role in life can often require a different wardrobe. In recognizing that the retail industry had scarce outlets for the everyday woman where she could find quality clothing at a reasonable price that she could wear on a quick business trip or to happy hour, A&B was born. 

You’re busy enough. Not knowing what to wear shouldn’t be a chore.

Our product assortment, also referred to as ‘style essentials’, features a wide variety of items that can be worn in different environments among multiple seasons. Busy women often don’t have time to change after a long day of work before heading to dinner – most A&B faves can be worn for your plan A and your plan B (and even the unplanned fun). In selecting silhouettes, colors, and fabrics in hopes of becoming your closet go-to’s, most essentials can easily transition from season to season when paired with a summer dress or your favorite pair of jeans. 

Look good, Feel good, Do good: Let your style do the talking.

It’s no secret that when you’re wearing clothing that you love, the emotion flows over into your mood, and sometimes, your performance. That’s why people have ‘lucky shorts’. What if your entire wardrobe gave you a little luck? In wearing A&B, we want you to fall in love with our clothes, which in turn will lead to more great days. Feeling good about yourself is key – looking good is the cherry on top. 

In recognizing that style is an individual expression, we also take time to understand the style of our repeat customers and assist them in new clothing options during their A&B Style Studio visits. Among our customers (our ‘Girlfriends’ as we like to call them), it’s important that our products can compliment their sense of style, allowing them to love their new purchases and wear them however they choose. 

You’re going to wake up every morning, prepare for the day ahead, and be the star on your personal runway.

We’re here to make sure that you’re dressed for it.